Artists Work Grant Guidelines

Artists Work
Exhibition & Performance Grant Guidelines
Public Art Grant Guidelines

*Please note that the guidelines and grant funding availability have been updated for the Artists Work Grant program as of March 31, 2021.

The Artists Work grant program provides project funding to individual artists, artist studios, and non-profit arts organizations to produce artworks for public spaces within the city limits of Chattanooga. With the sudden loss of audiences, jobs, and patrons experienced by the region’s arts industry due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the grant program provides economic stimulus that benefits both the creative sector and the public realm.
Artist work grants are available to individual artists, arts organizations partnering with a lead artist, organizations with or with or without 501(c)(3) status, residing or working in the Thrive 2055 Region.

To start your application please click the Login Tab to create an organization or individual profile.
Once you complete your profile you can complete your application by clicking the Current Programs & Applications Tab and selecting the appropriate grant.

For all questions, information and consultation please contact:
Miriam Manda, Manager of Grants & Community Engagement 
(423) 777-4214